Olla Mykonos

The "hottest" gastronomic destination in Mykonos! A very casual place for food and beverages with music, advanced design and many surprises..

Olla, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Mykonos, hidden like a treasure in the small alleys of the island, decorated by the architect Niko Fratzesko, is really a great discovery..

The executive chef Konstantinos Kostopoulos signs and describes with mediterranean cuisine, begins the journey from the appetisers with a variety of aroma..

Mastelo cheese from Chios with beetroot powder, mastic liqueur and lime, smoked salmon millefeuille parmesan biscuit creamy yogurt and basil oil, small shrimp mousaka with lobster bechamel and leek..

Fresh salads.. Red charts leaves, bull blund, arugula with mini veal fillets, roasted nectarines and a rich sauce of molasses and yogurt..

Slowly cooked lamb shank in Barolo wine, gremolata, risotto with saffron and Cretan graviera cheese..

Yellow fin tuna in citrus fruits crust with crunchy salad of baby potatoes and beetroots and chive air..

The daily specials are everyday surprise..

The curtain falls with the chefs inspiration, crunchy apple pie in tortilla wrap and the millefeuille with saffron crunchy pastry leaves and chocolate powder..

Following the mediterranean aura from the cuisine, Olla's bar couldn't be lagging of creative flavours..

A combination from the classic cocktail recipes with mediterranean delight, revealing breezy cocktails that will satisfy every demanding palate..

Olla's bartender Vasilis Dervisis use of cucumbers freshness, the frequent of bergamot, basil and roses, the uniqueness of mastic and almonds, tangerines and pink grapefruit pleasure, the spiciness of ginger beer, is Olla's mission for your best enjoyment..