Linguini with mini veal fillets porcini mushrooms, Madeira sauce, parmesan foam and white truffle butter

Spaghetti "aglio olio" with shrimps, vongole and rocket

Fresh tuna Bolognese, vermicelli, soya and ginger

Paella with seafood, chicken and traditional Myconian sausage

Shell shaped pasta with chicken, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, creamy Cretan graviera cheese and olive powder

Risotto with shrimps, smoked pancetta and saffron

Fresh ravioli with ricotta, citrus fruits, salmon mini fillets and lobster broth sauce

Risotto with a variety of wild mushrooms, white truffle oil and parmesan chips

Cuttlefish ink linguini with fresh sea bass, fennel, roasted cherry tomatoes and lemon cream