Olla Mykonos

The "hottest" gastronomic destination in Mykonos! A very casual place for food and beverages with music, advanced design and many surprises..

Olla, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Mykonos, hidden like a treasure in the small alleys of the island, decorated by the architect Niko Fratzesko, the creative mediterranean cuisine of executive chef Konstantinos Kostopoulos and the breezy cocktails from bartender Vasilis Dervisis, is really a great discovery..








Little Venice with bars and cafes that give on to the most beautiful sunset and people who give in to the most alluring temptations..

Since the fifties, Mykonos has always been one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean..

Chora, as the town of Mykonos is commonly known, impresses and casts its spell on the visitor from the first moment..





Get ready for exciting happenings in Olla Mykonos..

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